Episode ONE

Here it is! Oir debut episode. In this episode we introduce Elise to Sex and the City for the first time and Mike revisits his ol’ gal pals for about the 14th time. We will discuss everything from how to NOT get a taxi to the very desirable lampshade hats from Club Chaos. So subscribe, rewatch (or watch for the first time) and join us as we take our journey through Sex and the City, episode by episode.

A Journey Through Sex and the City

After 94 Episodes…

6 Seasons…Well really, 7, but Mike says that’s something we’ll deal with later

and countless lovers


(Elise still does not understand the reference, but she will at some point)

What would happen if someone who has NEVER seen Sex and the City (That’s Elise!), and someone who has seen it more times than anyone should feel comfortable with (That’s Mike), watched the series episode by episode almost 20 years later.

So whether you’ve been a Samantha or Carrie for 19 years, or might be a Charlotte or Miranda having her first Cosmo, tune in to our podcast on November 5th.


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